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    I have been dealing with this bug for the last ten years. At first, I would go on 6 weeks of IV antibiotics, but it always came back. I had a turp because my prostate was so infected and I went on more antibiotics. However, it came back. Finally, my urologist tried putting neosporin in my bladder for three consecutive days. Then on the forth day he put lacto bascilis (spelling?) or "good bug" in my bladder. Well, it worked. I was free of the Pseudomonas bug in my bladder. It was still in my body though. The one problem I did encounter was that if I took antibiotics for anything else, like a sinus infection, it would kill the "good bug" and I would have to have the procedure done again. Well, recently I got Pseudomonas back because I was on oral antibiotics and my urologist retired. I am trying now to get my new urologist to do the same procedure. My question is, as I am not having any symptoms of the bug, do I need to do anything? Is doing the neosporin procedure dangerous because even though it eliminates it from my bladder it doesn't my body? Should I go on IV antibiotics yet again? I don't want to miss work, but I just don't know what to do about this bug.

    I use a condom cath and I'm a C6 quad 26 yrs post.

    Thanks in advance for your replies.


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    First question - do you know that you have pseudomonas? Second one- Are you symptomatic? Generally the rule is unless you have symtoms of an infection, you should not treat colonization. You don't want to make the bacteria drug resistant.

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    Pseudomonas Aeruginosa but I'm not symptomatic.

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    I think what SCI Nurse was asking is how can you be sure that you are currently infected?

    You say the pseudomonas came back, but you also say that you are not having any symptoms.

    I'd be pretty surprised if someone put you on IV antibiotics without any symptoms.

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    Thank you for clarifying for me. That is indeed what I was trying to ask. And I do not know anyone who will put you on antibiotics if you do not have symptoms. Nor do you want to be. That is one of the reasons that we have so many drug resistant bacteria these days.

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    Well, I had a routine blood and urine test. The urine came back having pseudomonas. However, there is no blood and i don't have chills or fever. My urine is just cloudy.

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    The urine test just shows that you are colonized, not that you have an infection. Without the symptoms, you can live literally for years colonized, but not have any problems. No one I know will treat you unless you have symptoms. Drink plenty of fluids and think about starting the micorcyn installations into your bladder after you speak with your urologist.

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