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Thread: I am super tight

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    I am super tight

    5.5 years a C7. I don't take any meds at all. Seems this last year my body is getting tighter and tighter. Legs don't relax straight. My stomach is rock hard. My hips don't like flexing anymore. What can I do? Or should I see a doc. For meds? How do I make the spasms go away?

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    I'd see a doc to see if baclofen would help with the spasms.
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    Are you stretching and routinely exercising?

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    Seeing an experienced doctor periodically is a good way to stay on top of things like this and to try to ward off future complications.

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    Stretching and exercising should help this, but I wonder if something else is going on. Is this change in spasticity sudden or has it come on over a period of time?

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    Come over a period of time. I don't stretch as much as I used to. Do you think stretching helps that much?

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    Stretching does help some people a lot. I would encourage you to go back to it slowly- don't jump in and do your old routine right away. Gradually build up to it. You might want to see a PT to see if there is anything that you can add to the routine or should take away from it since you decreased it. Joints and muscles get tight and you don't want to cause any damage by doing something that you think should be helping.

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    You should see your GP regularly he may prescribe some physical therapy, and they will judge the speed with which you can exert yourself. They will watch how well you can straighten your legs out. But do not wait until it is too late get in there as soon as possible,then you can place your well being in their hands and do as you are told. We can only tell you what we would do, you have to do what you feel is right for you.

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    Yes, stretching definitely will help. Do not expect immediate results. The results will be based on ho long you are tight. You will tighten up much faster than you will loosen up. I would also suggest do some routine very close to going to bedtime.

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    Thanks. I've started stretching And standing frame drills again.

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