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Thread: miralax complications? anyone see this warning and does it sound familiar.

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    miralax complications? anyone see this warning and does it sound familiar.

    i have been going downhill for a couple years, a lot mentally, no get up and go, i can walk but will do nothing all day, severe depression, i really need hep as i am by myself and talk to no one, having no social contact is very bad. I have problems with extreme anxiety and i just had a 3 level fusion of my cervical spine due to fall @ days ago i did get out and go for a short exercise, 30 minutes, Typing is hard , i am just checking back in, i am going to try to get my PIE machine working to clear out the cobwebs, but i just saw this miralax warning, i haven't fully comprehend it yet, but i have been on at least a cap a day for 4 or 5 years i think.
    i will check in later, if anyone knows someplace i can contact in westchester area nyc to find a counselor to talk to that would be a great first step in trying to stay alive. I go up and down, i am wondering if the PIE has something to do with it, the small intestines is suppose to control the serotonin release.
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    A few years ago, the FDA received a report of a potential safety issue associating Miralax (Polyethylene Glycol) with neuropsychiatric events.
    The FDA did not take action against the manufacturer or issue different recommendations for the use of Miralax.

    I tend to be skeptical of internet sites that stir up fear in order to drive up profit. The website you've referenced sells the author's line of "Agelessnutrition" gastrointestinal recovery products. Minimum order $50. Interestingly, if you put a dot com after agelessnutrition, you get his Russian language website.

    I hope someone on CareCure can assist you with finding a counselor. If you have a medical doctor, please consider calling him/her and letting them know what's going on.

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    still kicking doc appointments and trying to get a clear path and make some home progress today.
    Amazingly i have not had to pooh since i did the PIE, I mixed 5 enemeez into the 5 gallons and still have 1 gallon left. This is the longest i have ever gone after a PIE routine . I started taking colace, but that gves me gas, and the ability to pee which i lost for another 3 or 4 years and got back after my cervical fusion, Actually it was due to me using the pie to clean myself out before the two surgeries. the relief of pressure on the nerves , due to less distended colon/rectum and i have not had to cath since june, but now i need to wear them depends UW sometimes, which is all due to colon pressure and controlling both sphincters.
    The pie speculum got clogged irreversably, and it was gluier than peanut butter. Today i may try again. I can barely read an article or focus anymore, and i am on half the meds went from 2 to 4 fentora 400 a day for years , to maybe one in 2 weeks.
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    You can ask at United Spinal about someone to talk to as well as the Christopher Reeve Foundation
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    You may be onto something. I just started taking it over the last year and had similar issues. I think I'm going to go back to an natural regimen. It's hard for me to say because I've been battling a 9 month infection...rounds and rounds of antibiotics so I haven't noticed that the MiraLAX being A problem but it could very well be. Thanks for bringing this topic up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liz321 View Post
    You can ask at United Spinal about someone to talk to as well as the Christopher Reeve Foundation
    thanks liz, i finally made it back to this post. My brain has been unable to ccomplete a task. simple task and due to a anxiety, plus the living conditions.
    i let the anxiety get the best of me, but fortunately didnt damage my C-spine cord to bad I got fused at 3 levels. i still don't have strength in my arms,the nerves c-spine were compressed for a year after the headers, due to SCS and no MRI , cat scan, said my neck was not the problem.
    told them to get the SCS out, since it was a 8 bladed paddle that had been in me for over 7 years, it was a deep General anesthesia ,a week later had mri , = need neck fused at 3 levels.
    I need to find a Mace doctor too, the one that mount sinai refers me too , has refused to see for over 2 years,despite work comp has approved the MACE surgery and care. They will not even give me a consult, because they are idiots. mount sinai should not refer to them, and i let them know the my doc at mount sinai had referred me tot them.
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    i missed that miracle cures ite that also led to a russian business, i am sure they would like your credit cards.
    i did see another fda warning,that i cant find now, the main issue, as in my case, i have been taking miralax everyda for 2-3 yeqas or more. i do have perkinsin like shakes and memory focus isshitsky.
    i stopped miralax by the time i first posted soi hoe to get rid of effects.
    The pie is still a problem ,but i am getting a lot better with that, plus using it 3 x aweek
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