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Thread: chopping onions?

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    chopping onions?

    I seem to tear up more when chopping onions than when I could stand. I guess it is because my face is so much closer to the onions when I am sitting.

    Any advice on chopping onions?

    I have one recipe that requires 6 pounds of onions. When I made it, my throat was burning for an hour or so, and my face was red from all that chopping.

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    Food processor! Works wonders for chopping onions, just don't open it right away and stick your nose in or you will get a huge blast of the fumes.

    Otherwise, here are some tips to try:


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    6 lbs, wow, I can't make it through 2 onions. I actually use a fan to blow it away.

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    Also, just wondering if one could par boil the skinned, whole onions, then when pretty tender, cool them completely and chop. I make creamed onions and may try this.

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    I use a food processor. Also, if you light a candle and put near you it helps mask the onion aroma that makes you cry. To get onion smell off hands if using a knife, rub your hands over a metal spoon with dish soap, something in the metal helps remove the scent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim View Post
    6 lbs, wow, I can't make it through 2 onions. I actually use a fan to blow it away.
    It was for an onion soup recipe, very good actually, here: .

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    Very sharp knives are the key. Doesn't "tear" the onion as much releasing whatever it is to make you tear/cry. I have a really good electric sharpener I use.

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    Place onions in the frig and chill them; also, as Steve mentioned, use a sharp knife.

    Or just harden up some more

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    A food processor is the perfect thing. You can slice or chop the onions for your soup. I also have found that removing my contacts and wearing my glasses helps. If doing by hand, a sharp knife is necessary. But that is the only kind you should be using anyway as it is really safer than a dull one.--eak
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    I read a tip in a magazine years ago that works great for me because I love to chop by hand.
    Clear lens swim goggles.

    (But for six pounds of onions I would go to the food processor!)

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