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Thread: House ramp sizes

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    House ramp sizes


    I know what the regulations are, but what in the opinions of users, are the shortest safest ramp raises per inch in a power chair? I have to put a ramp on a new living space with a 20" entry.


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    What kind of space do you have to deal with? While you can probably go a little steeper than the usual 1 foot of ramp for 1" of rise, remember that the ramp may also need to be used by someone in a manual chair at some time, and depending on what you make it out of, and where it is located, it becomes more slippery in icy or wet weather the steeper the ramp is. You probably can get by with a 15 foot ramp for a power chair user, but again, it would be best if you could post a photo of the actual set-up.


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    Hi KLD,

    The steps are inside a covered, screened in porch, or a 3/4 enclosed covered parking both with a concrete floors. Rarely any snow here in Tampa Bay. The way in is graded up so there shouldn't be much water on either side.

    I'm going over tomorrow and take some photos.


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    No need for photos, we've got it all worked out. Thanks!

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