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Thread: needing some durable quad cuffs

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    needing some durable quad cuffs

    i know about gloves for life but they're so expensive. has anybody used these? they any good?

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    i know theres a thousand threads on here. i just bought a pair on ebay. they lasted 4 days. got my money back but lost $10.00 shipping fee. merry xmas to me, lol.

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    I'm not a quad, but these are the gloves that have worked for me:

    I got them to replace a set of older Specialized biking gloves with full palm padding (not made anymore) - and am quite happy with the Amazon purchase.

    At the same time I purchased these, which were sold under a different name but were marked "HATCH" on everything shipping/packaging:

    The "Hatch" brand did not work for me. They were easy to put on, but between my rims and the rain, I had NO traction whatsoever (when I generally did with the Specialized or the Prime Sports) - and that was near disaster! I had to trade out my gloves before I went back down the ramp at work as the ramp at work has a wheel stop at the top but no safety railing at one point...with a 3 foot drop to cement / pavement. Not the place where I want to have no control, as I must make that corner!

    The ramp at work is legal because it has a chair stop so the wheelchair doesn't fall off. It seems quite a bizarre loophole to have a wheel stop but not a human body stop (like a rail). They say it's my responsibility because I'm supposed to have 100% control of my chair at all times.

    If you do order from Prime Sports on Amazon, my gloves looked like they came out of UK (I'm in the US) - but they came quickly (much quicker than Amazon expected) and I was quite happy.

    Hope that helps!

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    I don't care for the palm gloves, just b/c they don't offer enough coverage.

    I've had best luck with Hatch quad gloves:

    FYI... ADI gloves, not so good. They wear out quickly and the velcro doesn't last.

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    I also use Hatch quad gloves. I've one pair with rubber on the palm, it gives a lot of grip on many surfaces (I mean : it works on your rims, even if they are raw aluminium or titanium or other anti-slip covered…) but I've another pair, with only leather, for the rainy days.
    You can put a lot of miles on them, and then change the rubber pad (sportaid has this pad for sale)
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