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    anyone know how to get in touch with the site admin.


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    Never visited that site. Do you actually mean ??

    David Berg, the moderator of this forum used to be associated with that site I believe.


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    No. Dejerine was involved, but hasn't been around and hasn't responded to PMs


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    I ran for a number of years, but I handed it back to dejerine awhile back. He originally created it in the '90s, but it badly needed help so I offered to take it over, gave it a thorough revamp and added a bit of content. The situation changed not long ago and he has someone else helping him run the .com site, and it was time for the .org site to go back as well. I haven't had any contact with him recently.

    ETA: I just peeked at the current version of Looks like they're still using the title graphic I made years ago and the site structure I created. I'm glad the information has been put back out there for people to use again.
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