T6 complete, sharp stabbing nerve pain at injury level (chest and back) and burning 24-7 in butt/legs/feet. I have tried every medication available, physical therapy, massages, tens unit, cognitive behavioral therapy, and had my hardware removed earlier this summer. Still have found very little relief.

However, my doctors are very optimistic that a stimulator will help my pain. They say that between 70-90% of patients that have a trial stimulator put in end up having the full one implanted. I know that sci's are not the majority of people they put these in though. I have even talked to actual people that have them and have heard nothing but positive things. However, on these forums it seems the consensus is quite the opposite. I'm not sure why opinions seem to vary so much.

I'm at the point though that I'm willing to try anything. However I have to have the leads of the trial stimulator put in surgically because the scar tissue from my back surgeries won't let them run the leads up my spine like they do with a traditional trial done in the office. So it's surgery to try it, then surgery again to have the rest put in if I like it or to have the leads taken back out if I don't. So since just trying it will be so involved I want to make sure I make the right decision. If you are in severe pain everyday and have tried everything else, would there be any reason to not at least try the stimulator?