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Thread: Why does nerve pain get worse at night?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stacyd View Post
    Does anyone experience the stabbing pain that comes right out your big toe over and over!!!!this just started 2 months ago? It feels as though it will blow up!
    Any chance your A1C is raising dramatically or you are in the process of getting/coming down with Diabetes ? Have you asked your doctor? Lots of things can be the cause of random pain. But circulation has a lot to do with such pain.

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    My worst pain is when I'm conscious.

    من النظرة الثانية
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    Stacyd, you might want to have your doctor check you for gout...just to be on the safe side. The big toe is a very common spot for pain from gout. My nephrologist found gout when he ran a bunch of blood tests on me.

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    I have something of the same, its only on my left side(which is my worst side thanks to a syrinx) but if my big toe touches ANYTHING it feels like it's on fire and going to burst.I have to prop it up at night so it doesn't touch stuff, it burns all the time but the touch makes it go from a 5 to a 9!!! I also have days where it feel like my toenails are being ripped off.

    Ambien knocks me out, thank goodness, other wise I am in tears till I finally fall asleep.

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