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Thread: QUICKIE wheelchair pricing are you kidding me ?

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    Thumbs down QUICKIE wheelchair pricing are you kidding me ?

    just put in an order for a new chair and when the dme sent me my order invoice i about fell over. i know things are way over-priced but this is way beyond my expectations .....

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    Would this gouging be a result of the FDA consent decree with Invacare resulting in their more limited ability to freely compete? How can the group 24 gel batteries at $735.00 get past a reviewer's eyes?
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    Those prices are Maximus retail, that's for sure. I recently bought a pair of group 24's for $400.00 shipped to my door step.

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    The total bill for my mother's last power chair (Permobil) with power tilt-in-space, recline, and elevating seat and leg rests, along with a Ride seating system, was $32,000, and that was in 2008. Medicare & her Blue Shield picked up $11,000 of parents paid the rest out of pocket.


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    Your order is priced List Price. This is the amount submitted to insurance so that they can receive maximum amount regardless of how much you must pay. If you go to the Quickie site and actually build the chair there and have Quickie do the pricing, you will see them amounts match.

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    That is totally ridiculous you could buy a really nice car for 32k with power everything, air conditioning, heat, radio you name it. My chair is 12 years old I just keep getting it rebuilt/fixed every few years which I pay 20% of usually around $400 to $500. It's an Invicare Torque SP 3200 that cost $13,000 new without the seating and backrest. Fortunately they still offer this exact chair for sale new and parts are easy to find. The DME I deal with said it's a good class 4 wheelchair and didn't try to sell me a new one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darty View Post
    That is totally ridiculous you could buy a really nice car for 32k with power everything, air conditioning, heat, radio you name it.
    Just what my dad said...except he said "we paid less than that for our first two homes!" (and he was right).


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    I just got a SmartDrvr and couldnt believe the invoice either. SmartDrive itself was listed as $12,005 yet it retails for half that cost and my favorite was the wood board to put under my cushion was listed as $950...for an 18x16 piece of plywood!

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    Three years ago my Permobil bill was a little over $30,000 and Medicare paid all of it except the $2400 the elevating seat feature cost. Keep in mind that these custom power chairs are a very low volume item compared to cars. That is part of the reason for the high price. The cost of the development and manufacture is much higher than that of mass produced cars.
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    Agreed, but they are still making a tidy profit off of people with disabilities...


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