Hi All,

Thanks for taking the time to check this out. This post is targeted towards people who use intermittent catheters and reside in Canada. However, even if you are outside of Canada, some of what I about to tell you is critical to the health of your urinary tract and your quality of life. I just don't want to waste your time. This also is not sales pitch. It comes from personal experience and a lot of hard lessons.

For years I used poorly designed intermittent catheters that were damaging my urinary tract repeatedly. Eventually, a false passage developed, infections multiplied, and I switched methods. It was a nightmare of problems many of you will understand.

Then, I found the IQ-Cath.

The IQ-Cath has a rounded head and a flexible tip. This is especially important in the long urethra guys have, as it can easily work its way around both the natural bend in the urethra as well as the damage that bad catheters cause (false passages, scarring), and other issues that can hit us such as a swollen prostate. In customers with severe issues like me, we find that it is the only catheter that can make it through.

Some people just switch methods to a supra-pubic, foley, or condom drainage, but the best method for your long term health has been clinically proven to be intermittent self catheterization.

Now, I?m not only lucky enough to be using the products, but I also have the opportunity to market them online. These are top notch supplies that are designed and made in Germany by a company with a deep history in the medical supply field. Manfred Sauer invented the condom/external catheter in 1974 and his main influence, Ludwig Guttmann, invented the intermittent catheter (as well as founding the Paralympic Games).

We have a network of mostly smaller, independent medical supply companies in Canada that are distributing our products. Often the leadership of these companies is carried out by a person with a disability. Manfred Sauer himself is a quadriplegic and his organization in Germany is a non-profit and the proceeds get funneled back into the Manfred Sauer Foundation, which is an amazing retreat for individuals with disabilities.

Sadly, we are not yet approved in the USA, but hopefully that will be coming one day soon. Please, even if you are in the USA, check out our website, and visit the Manfred Sauer Foundation. If your traveling to Germany, you can stay at their hotel quite cheaply.

We also carry leg bags, adhesives, external/condom catheters, and a few other items such as the uribag.

Thanks again, and if your in Canada please check out the IQ-Cath line. It?s quite literally the best tip you?ll ever get!