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    Buying shoes

    When you guys buy shoes what size do you get? I was injured 6 months ago and just got a pair of new shoes in the size I wore pre-injury, but when I took them off I had blisters. So do you guys buy bigger sizes to avoid breaking them in? Or what other solutions do you have?


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    We always recommend wearing shoes that are a full size bigger (and wider) than what you wore before your SCI. This will better accommodate the swelling they you get in your feet when they are dependent all day, without causing skin breakdown like you have. In addition, whenever getting new shoes, you should wear them no longer than 2 hours the first time, then remove and inspect your skin. Gradually increase wearing time over a week or so to be sure your skin can tolerate the pressure. Avoid styles with pointed toes as well.

    Surprised you were not taught this in rehab.


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    After 60 years of experience, I pretty much agree with KLD. However, do not get them so big that your feet may slide back and forth in them. That can cause blisters and abrasions, especially if you have foot/leg spasms. I also wear socks that provide a little cushioning. Tight leather straps and raised seams in the leather or other shoe material can also cause problems. I do a good inspection of the inside to make certain there are no such hazards in there. Interestingly, over the years my feet have shrunk from size 11.5+ to where I can wear size 9.5 shoes with room to spare. The big challenge is keeping a straight face when the shoe salesperson asks if they feel comfortable lol
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    For the last 5 years I've only worn these Tamarac Slippers

    They are excellent on my feet. I always buy them on sale or some kind of discount.

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    I buy shoes with faux fur lining and put in foam sole inserts such as Dr. Sholl's.

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    i always have someone that has similar size feet come to try on shoes and identify any tight spots or stitching. Once they try them on I get a size bigger and make sure I can get them on and off comfortably.

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