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    Camp trailer

    I saw these at a sports show in Wisconsin. They are the first thing I've seen that would work, without spending a fortune modifying a regular trailer. I talked to them about making them for regular camping, with shower, water tanks, etc. The owner said they are 6 months behind in production now, making 11 a day. They are opening another factory to meet the demand.

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    Similar idea to some of the modified toy haulers that a number of our members and others in chairs have had made or modified themselves. Here is one company that does these:

    I know the guy that did this one himself:


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    Nope. These are different. The whole trailer lowers to the ground. You can go in the normal side door.

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    Yes, I know they are different, but they are cheaper, can be easily customized, and work for many people who use wheelchairs.


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