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Thread: Getting a pca, without the use of an agency?

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    Getting a pca, without the use of an agency?

    I am in Minnesota, and right now I am with a PCA agency. I am in charge of finding PCAs, but they do the background check and the PCAs are paid through the agency. I am assuming the agency collects some of the money the state pays for my care. I have had PCAs tell me some of their other clients don't use an agency. The state gives them the money directly to pay their PCAs. Or something like that, not exactly sure. Has anyone heard of anything like this? And if so, how do you get on it? Obviously if I didn't have a an agency collecting some of the money, I could pay my PCAs more. Thus making the jobs more appealing and possibly less turnover.


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    I would talk to the attendant care person at your local ILC. A lot of this varies by state if you are talking about state funded PCA programs. My mother did not qualify for IHSS in CA, so my parents private paid, and were not effected by the state regulations.

    For example, in CA, through IHSS, you can hire your own PCAs and then sign off on their time-card, but IHSS actually pays them (you don't see the money). In CA you are also NOT allowed to pay them more than the IHSS rate. You can provide them other benies, such as pay for their travel costs, provide meals, etc., but you cannot legally give them money to supplement the IHSS hourly rate. IHSS also does spot checks to be sure that your PCAs are actually working the hours you say they work (so you can't say they worked 6 hours when they actually only worked 4).


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    I would private pay if I had the money, but I don't. So I rely on the State. What does ILC and IHSS mean?

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    ILC = Independent Living Center. You can search for the one closest to you here:

    IHSS = In Home Supportive Services. This is the name in CA for our state funded (Medicaid/Medicare Waiver) attendant care program.


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