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Thread: Wheelchair eval in Boston

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    The cog is more easily adjustable than other chairs, however I will not be changing the cog. I'll continue to use it the same way I use my current chair, where I only recline when I am not moving and take safety measures such as reversing caster position for stability, keeping the brakes on, scooting my butt forward to keep more weight in front of cog, and trying to have something behind me to prevent me from flipping over backwards. I'll be more cautious about the last, though I usually already position myself with my back to a wall or chair for safety. But with the Icon I'm going to try going without anti tippers. I was able to go without for the demo week with the chair, and the slight measurement changes (especially low enough rsh) made such a world of difference in stability and control of the chair, and that plus the shock allowed me to do curbs for the first time, that while I'm getting anti tippers I'm going to try going without. So I'll have to be even more aware of safety when I recline. But the only time I've had an issue thus far was my chair in recline position with a bag hanging off the back, and I reached behind me into the bag for my sweater. The anti tippers happened to be upside down at the time as well from the chair being bumped down steps. So I flipped backwards (very slowly lol, and was backed up to a chair which probably slowed me) in a waiting room and was swarmed by people to help right me and my chair! Mostly embarrassing, and the help actually made things a bit worse. No I injuries but I felt pretty sore the next day.
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    1) Could the Icon be safely configured to recline slightly (maybe 25 degrees?), in order to allow me to rest my neck?

    25 degrees is a lot of degrees......the Icon does have a great range for seat recline - the more seat angle you have, the more reclined you can make the backrest.

    2) Could a Whitmyer Contour neck support be added without throwing the COG off? (Mounting option:

    Adding this support will affect the COG, but it (the COG) can be adjusted to compensate. I would suggest that anti-tips would be mandatory, given that you want to recline and rest your neck/head.

    3) Is there any flexibility in the foot elevation?

    We have an adjustable footrest height, but we don't offer elevating legrests.

    4) Any idea what would be the added cost for a 20" seat width? (Or, should I lose weight first?)

    No added cost. If you need a 20" seat now, and a 19" seat in the future, you can just adjust the seat width - all of our seats have 3" of width adjustment, except the 18-20", so a 20" seat can be reconfigured down to an 18".

    5) When I have wheelchair clinic eval, would I bring info about the Icon? Anything you can suggest for justifying need?

    Changing needs (losing weight) is a good justification.
    Back pain, pain triggered by bumps (to justify the suspension).
    Fatigue over the course of the day (suspension)

    6) Is there a Medicare code? (K0005?)

    Yes. K0005

    7) Do you have an Icon anywhere in Southern New England that I could try?

    Yes - if you look on the Clarke Healthcare website, you can find the rep for your area and get in touch with them - yours is Roger Felske.

    8) You can work with any DME?

    Yes - NuMotion has been incredibly difficult to work with, giving a number of our customers the run-around and in a few cases, flat out refusing to sell the Icon, but we'll work with anyone you want to deal with.

    9) Firefly could be used with the Icon (with backrest upright)?


    10) Could Icon be stowed through the back hatch in a Mini Cooper?

    Doubtful without a lot of wrangling - having said that, I've put two demo chairs in the back of a Mini, and if you want to take the time to remove the front end, and get a fold down back, I think it would go in no problem.

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    JeffAdams, thank you so much for all of the info on the icon! It definitely sounds like it would work for me, except maybe for taking the front end apart to get it into my Mini.

    Lin... I am glad you were not hurt when your wheelchair flipped over!! Except for your feelings, that is! YIKES!

    For better or worse, I decided to buy some time by going with a 20" x 18" ZRA with an 80 degree front angle that had been returned unused to the manufacturer. I paid less for it than my insurance deductible for an aluminum chair... and the upgraded wheels, rims, tires and casters can be switched to my next chair. The Tilite rep said that the COG could be adjusted to work with a J3 back and Whitmyer headrest... but I may have to switch out the backrest frame for a deeper rigidizer bar. The chair is also compatible with Smart Drive (but is not reinforced to accept any other power assist).

    Jeff... I will definitely keep the Icon in mind!

    Thanks again for your help, everyone!

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    Call Spaulding Rehab in Boston (Charlestown really) and ask for Michelle Kerr. She does the outpatient seating clinic there.

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    Thank you so much, smokey! Should I contact Michelle even though I have just ordered a wheelchair? Would she still help me with positioning? Spaulding in Charlestown is where I had intended to go. Many thanks! Rosie

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    Thank you, smokey!
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    Yu should meet with spaulding and be fitted BEFORE you order anything. As insurance will most likely only pay for 1 chair every 5 years if they pay for anything.
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    Especially since you will already have difficulty pushing yourself, keep in mind that the further back your cog is the more difficult the chair will be to push. The more forward the cog is, the more unstable it will be with a headrest and any recline in the back angle. So you'll have to find the compromise that best fits your needs.
    Board Member of Assistance Dog Advocacy Project working in Education. Feel free to ask me any service dog questions!

    I am not paralyzed. I have a genetic connective tissue disorder with neuro complications and a movement disorder.

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