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Thread: hamstring stretcher, does this work?

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    hamstring stretcher, does this work?

    Would this work for someone in a wheelchair? Looks interesting, appreciate input please

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    I doubt if this works any better than a simple looped strap (which is what we issue to our clients when teaching them to do their own ROM) that fits over your instep.

    I would be concerned about the extra lever arm that this device gives you and using on a leg without sensation. It would appear it could cause enough pressure if not properly used to break osteoporotic bones and/or tear soft tissues such as ligaments or tendons.


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    Thank you. Could you tell me more on stretching the hamstring with the looped strap please? I have pretty good use of one arm and looking for a way without needing much assistance.

    I think this might be the type of strap your talking about:

    Maybe I could learn to use it. What do you think off something like this?

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    Yes, the first one is very similar to the straps we use.


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    I do not know ability or loss of function. With that said, when you start any exercise, if you are limited in range or any other part of the exercise, do not give up if you cannot do the complete exercise on day 1. A lot of this takes time to restore all involved.

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    Thank you for the info guys. I don't know if my arm would be able to handle the device, but I need to figure something out. I have a pulley with weights, I put on a ankle strap and attach it and let the weight give me some momentary relief, better than nothing I think. Any thoughts? Rlm thank you for the advice on not giving up on the first try, it is too easy to say oh I cant do this and give in right away. I have an idea of "basic" kinds of exercises, but I'd like a list of key / effective / simple exercises for legs, arms, core, shoulders that I can possibly break down and work on in a few sets instead of being overwhelmed. I appreciate the help

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