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Thread: Wheelchair eval in Boston

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffAdams View Post
    We can do a 20" wide chair, but we do them as custom orders.
    JeffAdams, how would I go about checking out the Icon... or placing a custom order? Can a neck/headrest be added (such as the Whitmyer Contour)? Thanks! Rosie

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    Rsie i have never seen a head or neck rest added on anything other than a tilt in space chair. Not saying it can't be done i just am unsure how they would mount it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Smashms View Post
    Rsie i have never seen a head or neck rest added on anything other than a tilt in space chair. Not saying it can't be done i just am unsure how they would mount it.
    Smashms, an independent DME suggest a J3 back with a Whitmyer contour headrest... similar to a Quickie Iris set-up. The need for neck support/positioning was the original impetus for a wheelchair search. I really hope for a chair that can support my neck AND fit into a Mini Cooper.

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    With the disclosure that this topic is a bit out of my personal knowledge...I think I may have thought of something interesting. While I don't know enough about seating, so you'll have to check this with someone (perferably someone impartial who can look at your whole body) - I have a Matrx PB back on my Quickie Ti. This back is available in a variety of widths/heights and I think I have a 16w 18h. They also have different contours available (for lateral, plus lateral additions if you need them). I just took a look at the Southwest Medical website and found a headrest adapter for the Matrx PB. I also found a headrest mount of a different brand that mounts on other chairs between the back canes. Well fancy that. It's not letting me make links. Hopefully this will make links automatically then: Headrest adapter: Picture: Back cane headrest adapter: I really like the Matrx PB I have on my Quickie Ti - a lovely supportive back for those sore days or rough surfaces (I fixed the Quickie Ti up to be my outdoor chair now, backup chair for my daily chair; run a Quickie R2 with a standard sling back for daily use mostly) - and my back survived camp thanks to my Quickie Ti and Matrx! The Matrx has back cane mounts and adjustments within that, then can supposedly be adjusted from there but I'm not sure how. I think it requires a tool to do it, so it may not be on-the-fly but for some reason I thought it was. All I know is that they can really tighten it down nice around one's unique back issues; they were able to tighten it around so it hugged me in places but didn't hug me in others where it was painful and it was awesome when I used it as a daily chair. Still is awesome...that chair's gonna have to go out with me this week, as I slightly tweaked R2 and haven't gotten it untweaked. Whoops. The Matrx also comes off the back of the chair, so if it is too long to fit in the car as attached the back (and subsequent headrest), you should be able to remove the Matrx and just set it aside where it fits better. Then you'd only have to cope with the back canes on the chair in order to fit it into the car. As long as those passed by it would be fine. The mounts for the Matrx are added to the back canes so they don't really add that much more space. If you need pics let me know; be happy to take some of my setup. Good luck! Mystery

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    If you're going to recline the back angle and need a head/neck rest, you really might want to consider a tilt in space chair. Especially if you're going to have to be pushed by someone else anyway. Alternatively, you might want to consider power assist so you don't need so much assistance being pushed. And a tilt in space chair is going to be much more difficult to push yourself around in. But a head and neck rest goes up much higher than a standard backrest, between that and the weight at that height really changes the balance of the chair around, and I think it would be dangerous to recline at all unless you had the brakes engaged in the chair and were backed up against a wall for safety to not flip over backwards. If you move your cog really far back for stability, thats going to make it so much harder to push and still not going to be enough to recline with the height and weight of a head and neck rest. A tilt in space chair is designed to move the seat forward as the back tilts to ensure you don't end up with too much weight behind your center of mass and flip over. So just keep that in mind if you decide you DO want to do any sort of adjustment on the fly.

    As long as you get a folding back, the issue with a head and neck rest is its going to stick far beyond the front of the frame once the back is folded. So with a minicooper, depending on where you want to load the chair this could definitely cause a problem. If using the hatchback and someone loading the chair with the back seats folded down it may be possible, but also something you might want to figure out a way to test first if you require a headrest. I know loading my chair into the back of a minicooper this way, my 16" depth frame with no extra inches before the bend didn't have much of a buffer. I think it would be difficult to position in the front seat, especially if you require armrests. And a tilt in space chair is a whole new topic on loading and one I am not familiar with.
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    Rosie there is no way to put all you want on just a manual chair and for it to be safe and for that matter fit in the mini cooper
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    When I had my first seating clinic (after which my first real chair was ordered), I brought along a completed order form. The clinician and DMEs rep simply looked it over, double checked a few things, asked me a few questions, then placed the order for the chair with the features for which I'd asked. BTW I had spent several months researching here on CCC (thank you) and on manufacturers websites.

    Consider a quick release back so it (and the headrest) can be loaded in the car independently of the chair's frame. Consider your strength and abilities, too.

    FWIW - outside-the-box thinking: Might this be an option for maintaining stability in a reclining ultralight chair?

    I have recently decided to ask for two axles on my next chair (a TiLite TR I've been tentatively told). One axle would be in the front/normal position; the second axle would be mounted on amputee adapters, which would set the axle at a negative CoG (slightly limiting normal-axle adjustment ). This would allow a major change of CoG very quickly by simply moving my wheels between axles. Granted I'd need to unoccupy my chair to change CoG.

    "Why do I want two axles," you ask?

    To get traction with my recently obtained Rio Mobility Dragonfly, I had to move my CoG to "0"." At 0", my pushing efficiency sans Dragonfly is noticeably more awkward than at +2" where it used to be, and the Dragonfly still doesn't have as much traction as I'd like. With two axles I can quickly change CoG for whether I'm using the Dragonfly or not (Yes clearance exists to run one set of wheels in either axle with no interference, and the empty second axle is well within the chair's footprint when wheels are on the front axle.)
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    I like that thought Chas!! Very cool!

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    Thank you for ALL of your ideas and suggestions!

    Mystery, I love the idea of the Whitmyer Quick Headrest mount!

    Lin, how will you use the adjustable back when you get an Icon? Do you know if it has COG adjustments that could allow safe seatback recline?

    Smashms... you may very well be right... that there is no way to accomplish everything I am trying to cram into one chair!

    Chas, I would definitely have a quick release feature on my hard seatback! I will look into your idea about the extra axle! I would like to have the option of adding a Dragnofly!

    I have asked specific questions of Tilite and Icon to see if either one of them can be configured to operate safely with my desired backrest angle and headrest.

    I really can't thank you all enough for your interest in my unique wish list. I will let you know what I end up with!


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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffAdams View Post
    We can do a 20" wide chair, but we do them as custom orders.
    Hi, Jeff! You responded to my post the other day and I would like to know more info about the Icon. I have watched your YouTube videos and read what I could find on the forum. Some questions:

    1) Could the Icon be safely configured to recline slightly (maybe 25 degrees?), in order to allow me to rest my neck?
    2) Could a Whitmyer Contour neck support be added without throwing the COG off? (Mounting option:
    3) Is there any flexibility in the foot elevation?
    4) Any idea what would be the added cost for a 20" seat width? (Or, should I lose weight first?)
    5) When I have wheelchair clinic eval, would I bring info about the Icon? Anything you can suggest for justifying need?
    6) Is there a Medicare code? (K0005?)
    7) Do you have an Icon anywhere in Southern New England that I could try?
    8) You can work with any DME?
    9) Firefly could be used with the Icon (with backrest upright)?
    10) Could Icon be stowed through the back hatch in a Mini Cooper?

    Many thanks, Jeff!

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