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Thread: Caster Fork Padding?

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    Quote Originally Posted by roller View Post
    You can buy some 2" industrial strength Velcro at the likes of
    Peel and adhere to your forks, not very noticeable and gives you soft protective barrier. Works a charm...
    Thanks Roller! I've used Velcro before and it's not very noticeable. Plus it won't rub off like rubbers can and do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffAdams View Post
    Single sided forks work really well - worth the cost for sure.
    Thanks Jeff! They also look much nicer than standard forks. Just waiting to get back on ADP for a new chair. Really looking forward to the modularity of your Icon!
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    Hey Jeff, I had a TiLite chair with their single sided fork thinking would help with furniture etc. It was total opposite, they started to take the kitchen/bathroom cabinets to pieces so I replaced them with the regular forks. Would be nice to have a chair (even if for only in house) that didn't wreck everything! Is there a single sided fork that fits the bill? And if so is it possible that it fits different brand chairs? I know that's a long shot but hey, don't ask don't get

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    It makes no sense that your forks would be able to touch anything except when you are backing up. The only way I could get the fork to touch the kitchen cabinets was to wheel under the sink and then back out. I use Frog Legs single sided forks on my Icon and had them on my Tilite ZRa.
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    I've only ever used the FrogLegs forks, so I don't have an opinion about the TiLite ones, but I can't imagine that they'd be any different performance-wise.

    The single sided forks aren't perfect - our bed sits on a pedestal that is flush with the mattress, so when I get up next to it to get in bed, my castors can sometimes line up backwards, so when I get out, the metal side is closest to the bed, and will pivot/rotate (as castoring wheels do) and will sometimes contact the bed. I think this is pretty much what Donno described.

    They're not perfect, but they're a lot better than the double sided ones, I've found. I test all of our stuff at Icon, so I had double sided forks on one of the chairs I was testing, and immediately noticed that they would run into stuff more than the UniTines.

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    @roller - the velcro thing seems like a good idea - do you find that stuff sticks to it though?

    @chef - Home Depot has 2" wide too, easier to buy from than McMaster sometimes.

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    Is the answer caster size? I don't have a caster issue with either my upstairs or downstairs chairs, both of which have 3 inch casters. They fit under counters if get that close. I have tried a ZR in the house that has double sided forks with 5 inch casters. That experiment did not last long. Backing out of the bathroom the caster reversed direction and broke an integral part of a folding wooden door.
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    Regarding "... the velcro ... do you find that stuff sticks to it ..." - the opposite type (i.e, hook for loop or loop for hook) can be affixed to the applied Velcro patch so that it will not be quite so attractive to things that might stick to it.

    Incidentally, the two inch wide Velcro labeled "Industrial Strength" (sold by Lowe's, link not allowed) adheres sufficiently to metal wheelchair components. A fifteen feet long roll sells for about $40.

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    Hey guys, I guess my house gets butchered because it's not built for a chair. I'd love to have "roll under" sinks/counters etc but I sit somewhere between 0 & 45* on to my sink to shave, brush teeth, cook, prep etc. Don't miss what you never had I guess though I do dream of one day having a custom built kitchen and bathroom with roll under everything!
    I've never had frog legs, the single sided forks that came on my TR3 stuck out like dogs bollocks so instead of scratching everything I started more of a carving and gauging/demolition approach. Within two weeks I ordered the regular double sided forks and then spent guts of a day around the house with sand paper and bees wax!
    The velcro was a cheap and easy fix, I use the fury side, it gets a bit of stuff stuck on it over time but it's a 5cent replacement every strip I cut and eliminates probably 80% of the scratching. There's probably better remedies out there but between work and hobbies time can be tight as I'm sure some of you can relate!
    One more thing... Anyone looking to buy brand new 25 559 LX spinergys?? There on the equipment page

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    I can't fibd hand rim covers. Does anyone where to get them?
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