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    Low Dose Antibiotics

    Recently, I have been experiencing increased bladder spasms and leakage. I am 25+ years post injury and have managed my bladder relatively well with Oxybutynin and SP tube. Recently, I have experienced increased bladder spasms and leakage. I have been treated for a UTI in November and now again in December. These are the first UTI?s I have had in two years. My Urologist will perform a cystoscopy in January and is considering Botox. In addition, she wants me to go on low dose antibiotics to help with my cystitis and ultimately reduce the bladder spasms. I am hesitant about going forward with this treatment option because of potential issues with antibiotic resistant bacteria in the future. Is my fear unwarranted? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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    Rarely is it appropriate to use low dose or "prophylactic" antibiotics in persons with SCI due to the reasons you cite. Not only can it lead to antibiotic resistance, but also subject you to possible complications of killing off your good gut flora, and getting conditions such as c. diff.

    I would discuss options with her of using something like different bladder spasms medications (either instead of or in addition to your Ditropan) and considering only staying on this low dose antibotic until you can get the Botox injections done.


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    I'm certainly not a medical professional, but I'd suggest it depends on the antibiotic. For example, dermatologists prescribe minocycline/doxycycline for acne...and for years at a time.

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    I appreciate your feedback and will be discussing options with my Urologist. Thanks!

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