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Thread: place for wallet and stuff

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    place for wallet and stuff

    Hi, Everyone!

    I always have a problem where do i put all my stuff when i am out and about especially now in the winter with a thick jacket and gloves and all. Now i have it in my backpack which is always with me while its okay to just have it in there and grab it when i need it its not what i want reaching for my backpack open it get what i need close it and so on thats not fast and easy, also have tried a Lap Organizer by Case Logic while that option is great to get my wallet and stuff fast and easy i can't get used to it
    I feel limited in my movement when i use it.
    What do you guys use to carry your wallet cellphone etc.

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    Many of my clients use these. Had one for my mother for both her power and manual wheelchair too:


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    Thats the typ i was looking for! fantastic
    must check if i can get them in germany. I did find a similar one from Case Logic but that one was 2 pieces, but that one would be perfect i will take a look in the next couple of days is i find them somewhere.

    Thank you! & Merry xmas

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    Check to see if Rolli-Moden has these. Unfortunately their German website is blocked by the VA here in the USA for some reason.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Many of my clients use these. Had one for my mother for both her power and manual wheelchair too:

    I used one of those too under my power chair seat. I loved it. But, since I had my Stimulite Contoured seat cushion with the attached under seat bag that comes with it. I now use my Advantage bag for my manual wheelchair under the seat. I also have the day wheelchair bag from Advantage that I use if I travel, or I need to carry extra stuff with me when I'm out, and about in town. I love it.

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    Here is a recent thread:

    Depending on your flexibility, one of these packs may or may not work for you. I have a manual chair and my flexibility is quite good, so reaching underneath is not a problem. I like the pack discussed in the thread above as I can have my backpack on the back of my chair with "less valuable things" in it (i.e. jacket, gloves), and my pack behind my legs because it's pretty tough to get to the pack underneath my seat without me being aware of it. In the underseat pack I will tend to keep more sensitive items, i.e. wallet, electronics.

    Elsewhere in these threads I also became aware of something - if you are thinking of putting your phone onto your chair (or in a pack on your chair) - you may want to rethink that. If a transfer goes wrong or a fall out of the chair happens for whatever reason - your chair could end up rolling away with your phone in it leaving you no way to call for help. Even Bluetooth hookups I think need to be within 30 feet of the phone or so? So if your chair rolled that far away (think hill - mine has done it - and it was really just a slight slope) - you may be out of luck if your phone is on your chair, even via Bluetooth. Better to keep the Bluetooth available, and a phone in a zippered clothing pocket near the Bluetooth? I wear a Bluetooth on my head and have my phone in one of my layers of sweatshirt pockets (I'm always cold, and generally have to dress in layers).

    Smaller bike bags are also made if you have a different type of chair. If you're paying out of pocket for it, a bike bag may fit in your budget better than a medical style pack would....I know generally that's true for me

    Good luck! Please do keep us posted as to what works for you. Knowledge is power!


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    I started out using a bike handlebar bag that I attached to my axle. It worked great, I already had it from my bike so no investment but I think it was just a $10-15 bag. The positioning ended up perfect so it wasn't in my way at all behind my legs, but right there for me to reach down and pull my wallet out.

    I keep my cell phone in a bag attached to my wheelchair cushion if its not on my person. I made it, it looks a lot like the stimulite covers. Its zippered with 2 sections so my keys don't scratch up my cell phone.
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    I would echo Mystery's caution to try to keep your cell phone attached to your body. Have had several clients fall from their wheelchair, which then rolled away (with their cell phone in their wheelchair pack) and could not get ahold of anyone to help them. Most often this happens in parking lots, but I have seen it happen in sloped driveways and yards as well.


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    I sometimes use a waist/fanny/belly pack positioned in front during the summer when I am wearing a tee. However, with a jacket on and my quad belly it is just too much to deal with in front.
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    I use the Advantage Down Under bag that KLD talks about. I put catheters, lube, Wet Ones, Kleenex, 500cc piss bags, etc. in my bag. I can really stuff a lot of things "down there."

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