30 years or more of stem cell hype, clinical trials, rats walking. All good stuff. Any long term injured here like to show exactly how they have benefited in any substantial way from any of this? How is the SCI community benefiting as compared to the AIDS community or people with cancer? Know anyone who is cured? Know anyone who has got substantial return ? No, you dont, because we got nothing. My daughter has extremely limited use of her hands and would give anything for some more finger movement even, are we even at that step yet of being able to help a quad regain even partial use? No, nothing, zilch zip, nada. Decades of research, clinical trials, billions of dollars, people hopes and we arent even at the stage where we can even get a quad to move a finger.We are kidding ourselves, big Pharma doesnt want a cure and they are pulling the purse strings, Thats just the way it is. Well done medical professionals, you are so adept at saving peoples lives so they can live in abject misery for the rest of it. Personally, I think Wise clinical trials will end up on a scrap heap, if there is no publicity now for such a significant acheivement then theres a clue as to what will {not} happen.