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Thread: Las Vegas & Grand Canyon experiences

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    Powerwheels, we did exactly that! My son just turned 21 (hence Vegas), he's C4/C5. In Dec., husband and boys went to L.A., first flt and all since his injury over 7 yrs ago and realized all the problems with renting equipment and staying in hotel. Since then, we've purchased Goes anywhere shower chair and will be taking it with us to Vegas next week. This time we've rented a house totally accessible. I'm more afraid of airline damaging wheelchair or shower chair at this point. We also rented a hoyer lift to be delivered to the house. Hope it pans out alright. One more question, please, if you saw any shows, did you have to request specific seating for wheelchair. Was trying to order tickets in advance, but am not getting anywhere with answers for accessible seating. Will give you reviews after trip is over. Thank you everyone for all the wonderful info we find here!

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    Bring your own sling from home for hygiene purposes

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    Sorry I'm just responding to your questions now Timbits mom...I'm fighting with a couple of pressure sores right now so I've been on bedrest and haven't been able to use my computer. Glad to hear you already had a Goes Anywhere shower chair. Makes life so much easier Did you already go on your holiday?

    While I was in Vegas I only went to a UFC fight and the wheelchair accessible seats were easy to buy. I bought my tickets on Ticketmaster and on the site they had a arena seating map, and it showed which seats were still available to buy and which seats were sold. And included in the seating map it showed where all the wheelchair accessible seats were in the arena. Was so easy. Unfortunately I'm not how any of the other shows tickets are sold. But I would call the help line to hotel that is hosting the shows and explain your son's situation. They will make sure that you book the right seats for people with disabilities.

    And bring your own net for the Hoyer lift.

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    Hey all! We're back from a wonderful week in Vegas! The weather was spectacular as were all the people we met. Kudos to Wheelchair Getaways! Charles met us at arrivals with bags loaded onto cart, van waiting outside the door. Same for drop off at departures. Worth every penny! Also, we rented hoyer lift from Emerald Medical Supplies, and realized we also needed a ramp at the house the next day so my son could use the pool. No worries, they delivered within a few hours. The showerchair we brought with us worked perfectly for getting into the pool. The helicopter trip was amazing on Sundance. I had called a couple of other places and they weren't too enthusiastic about assisting with lifting so we decided on Sundance. My husband and older son were able to lift Ian up using his sling but Sundance were more than willing to help. There truly is so much to do there so we would split up and all go in different directions, but with no worries. I would drive kids to strip, and they'd take a cab back in wee hours of the morning. House wasn't quite as easy as I had thought, but as usual, we always make it work. Kids are planning next trip but maybe in a hotel totally accessible. Guess we better start saving now.
    Just want to say thank you to everyone for all the wonderful tips for this trip. You guys have a wealth of information I truly appreciate.
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    One thing i've learned in my 3 trips there stay on the strip if in a chair. They have plenty of accessible rooms i have since found a great condo type place off the strip accross from southpoint casino. On the far southern end of the strip best place and so helpful. And once youhink you have seen everything to see there is always more which is the best part. This year we are going on holloween and staying till nov 7th plan is to go to zion national park and possibly bryce canyon.
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    I'm so glad to hear that your trip went great. I agree, I think it would be easier for your son to stay in a hotel on the strip. They all offer accessible rooms (although, I'd call before reserving to make sure) and they also supply hoyer lifts. Just need to bring your own net. Also getting a room in a hotel that's on the strip would eliminate so much running around bringing people back & forth to the strip.

    Happy to hear that Sundance was willing to help you guys. I went with Maverick and they didn't help at all. My dad was all alone to lift me and place me in the helicopters. We did it but it was very hard for my dad. If I ever go again, I'll definitely choose to go with Sundance.

    Happy that your experience with Wheelchair Getaways was great. Would you mind disclosing how much it cost you to use their van while you were there? I read rates vary between $80-$145 per day. If so, that's another reason why staying on the strip is beneficial. You don't need to spend all that money because you can just walk wherever you wish to go. And if you do need to go somewhere then just call a taxi. There are nearly 70 wheelchair accessible vans in Vegas, so they are very easy to get.

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    You're all absolutely right, staying on the strip next time. Now that we've been there, and did the driving to the sights, it would make more sense to stay on strip. We were 2 families travelling together, so a house was more inviting. Both have its pros and cons, for sure. Just to be sure you understand, Sundance 'offered' to help but we were able to use our own muscle power for transfer. And wheelchair getaways, charged $110/day with 100 mi. free daily, I think, you'd have to check their web.

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