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Thread: Diaphragm function and chondroitinase

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    Diaphragm function and chondroitinase

    I don't know if this has been posted elsewhere but it is more interesting research at Case Western in Ohio:
    Dr Warren has found that a combination of chondroitinase and brief periods of exposure to conditions of low oxygen (intermittent hypoxia) can completely reverse paralysis in diaphragm muscles and restore normal breathing. The treatment was successful even in animals which had suffered spinal cord injury 18 months before. More than two-thirds of the animals in the study responded to the combined therapy.
    Of course there is the need for further research before trials go anywhere near humans. However, this is potentially good news in the long term:

    The fact that the study treatment was successful in animals injured for more than a year holds out hope for eventual treatments for those living with chronic injuries.

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    I'm seriously happy to read that. Full throttle forward please and soon!
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    I agree this would be great news!

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