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Thread: Therapies to help nerve pain

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    Therapies to help nerve pain

    Hi my level of injury is around t4 and have been paralyzed for 6 years now. I deal with nerve pain from my level of injury down and have hypertension in my right side from armpit to thoracic front and back. I have tried just about everything for my nerve pain and have not found anything to help. I have been working with my pain dr brainstorming on different things that might help. The latest thing we have been talking about is something like mirror box image like they use for amputees with phantom pain in the missing limb. The other one is something like the youbike and I was wondering about the lokomat? Have any of you tried and have had success in reducing your pain?


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    I only answer as no one else has. I have never found relief. It would be good if you detailed what you have tried so folks can add rather than list ad nauseum what is possible.


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    It is not a good answer but if you read through these pain threads you will find a common theme. Lots of SCI's with significant neuropathic pain and no consistent answer for how to treat it. I use Vicodin, it helps and it is not as intrusive (for me) as some of the other narcotic pain killers so I can work.

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