We have just finished all testing on our Rocky Homestead Wheelchair Lift in a 1996 Chevy Suburban 1500 4x4. Everything is solid and sound and can even jack the side of the truck up without hesitation. This system can be installed in the 08-up Chevrolet / GMC Products AND many other vehicles. Cost wise upwards of 7000.00 less than others, system is beyond sturdy.
Base model has no extra micro switches and electrical to fail at the wrong moment, no safety switches for always on, ect.
Now you can afford the vehicle and conversion instead of just one. We all know anything medical or wheelchair wise is high. This is why we did this simply put. I needed a 4x4 that could go where I wanted and needed to go. I couldn't pull 70,000 out of my pocket and buy a new converted 4x4 truck and wanted a Suburban.
Each build is can be customized to your chair. Note: Some electric chairs are simply too wide or high for any typical passenger vehicle to fit in safely.
Head Height has always been an issue but we have 58" on most GMC and Chevrolet Extended cab, Crew Cab, Suburban, and more.
Made to order; have your desired vehicle in question and we can give a quote. Price ranges 15,000 - 28,000 with your choice of what to have completed such as base model to luxury.
Made for people with common knowledge of driving from wheelchair adapted vehicles and knowing what head height, width, ect they need. We will likely have a chair on sight to conform to the vehicle on specialty vehicles.

Website will be up shortly. Pic at pagesofwisdom.com/project/suburban.jpg (cant seem to upload a pic here for some reason)

Can be installed in Mountain Grove MO and we can arrange shipping for incomming and after hands on approval we can arrange transport home if needed.