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Thread: Call me crazy, but I loaned my PCA $4,000 to buy a new (preowned) car.

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    Call me crazy, but I loaned my PCA $4,000 to buy a new (preowned) car.

    He has worked for me for 4.5 years and is almost like family. I believe I can trust him. The only thing he has ever taken from me is a couple of Triscuit crackers and a cookie or two. He picks nickels and dimes off the floor and returns them to me.

    I guess he's not getting a Christmas bonus this year.

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    Good for you.

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    Wow, what a generous gift. I think you would need to consider it such, as the chances of being paid back unless you did a formal contract with him for the "loan" or are going to take payments from his pay prior to paying him, it is unlikely you will see this money again.


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    I hope he repays.

    My rule of thumb, if someone asks and I am able to give the money, it is a gift.

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    I might have been foolish enough to do it as long as it was a replacement car and not one that will incur new expenses that have not been in the budget such as insurance, gas, parking, repairs etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Peter View Post
    He has worked for me for 4.5 years and is almost like family. I believe I can trust him.
    You can only go with your gut feeling Peter, it sounds as if this guy is trust worthy.

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    You know him better than any of us. I've done similar with some of my PCs but not quite that amount.
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    It's a replacement car. The one he has now is almost inoperable.

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    Just don't count on getting back and if you don't try not to let it wreck your relationship with him, money can really screw things up, that's one reason I generally just say no, when I was in business I use to have people hitting me up for loans (workers) all the time. If I'd given them all loans I'd be broke.
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    I have done it several times..hold the title, don't put their name on it, draw up a contract get it notarized...add a little interest, with in off set ur PCA expense...
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