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Thread: Best Utlilty Vehicle for paraplegics

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    Best Utlilty Vehicle for paraplegics

    Hello, I am lookig for the most accessible utiltiy vehicle I can find for my husband with paraplegia. I am looking at Kawsaki Mule, John Deere Gator and Kubota, or actually whatever you would recommend. The seat must be low and that is why I like the Gator so far but with you have more experience in this area. The Mule appears to be too tall with perhaps 6-8 inches that must be lifted up, and the sale man says to me that the machine cannot be lowered in its heigth. Thank you, Sarah

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    You may wish to consider a MAX or ARGO amphibious ATV. With the smallest wheel option they are an easy transfer for para. I always lifted my legs in 1st then pulled body up and over side into seat by grabbing roll bar and pulling myself in. I have had 3 of these (2 Max's, 1 ARGO) over the years and loved them. They are not fast but you can drive them right in the lake for fishing, ice fish w/o fear of falling through the ice, traverse swamps with ease and with optional treads they are absolutely unstoppable in snow. They are slip steer operated so no need for installing hand controls. Price is comparable in fact cheaper than some high end ATVs.

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    THank you for your help, ancentgimp. What are yoru opinions about the Jonh Deere Gator?

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    If you stay off difficult terrain it would be OK, you would need to install hand controls, right. Also if it is a difficult transfer to a high driver seat it will be used less. Go to youtube and check out the videos on MAX and ARGO amphibious ATVs

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    Not sure of what your needs are many people are happy with this

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    THank you, I will look at the link and the video

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    Check out a Polaris RZR they are very low and have bucket seats to help with balance. You can install handcontrols for a car in them too.
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