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Thread: Legs and feet are asleep and tight

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    Legs and feet are asleep and tight

    C5 quadriplegic, my legs and feet have always felt like pins and needles were sticking in them, used to call it our leg was asleep when we were younger. The last couple days among the tingling, my lower calf feels like it?s a really tight some people call it a Charlie horse. There?s no swelling or discolored areas, im not diabetic, I checked my leg?s against each other and even look the same size and color.
    Any ideas, could be the cold?
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    If they are hard could be spaz and cramp because cold (or heat). If its just sensation spinal cord.

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    Does anybody feel pins and needles In their legs and feet all the time?
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    I take Gabapentin because I used to get that awful hot, burning pins and needles on the trunk of my body. Weird, I know. Gabapentin helps me, but not everybody and it can be a very hard drug to get off of someday. It is worth it to use it only if it helps. You would know shortly after starting and then stick with only the lowest therapeutic dose. I repeat, it is very hard to get off of.
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