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Thread: Power outage - running internet on powerchair battery

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    I have an 18K standby generator, power comes on via generator 10 seconds after power failure. My generator covers the well, heating system, most of the house circuits, TV's, computers and will power the AC although I haven't yet turned on the AC during power failures. We need it to power my wife's vent and oxygen concentrators and 2 hospital beds. Would not want to be without it.

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    I too have a whole house deal, 18KW propane fired.
    I stupidly listened to my electrician-bigger is better!

    We don't have public gas. I have two 100g tanks (which actually only hold 80%). This unit can burn down two tanks in 2 1/2 days! We were out of power 13 days with Sandy!
    The generator couldn't be more inaccessible (around back, under the deck). My wife would go out in the morning to start it then after a couple hours, shut down til bedtime when we could turn out the Colemans and live large for a couple hours!

    I have a servo setup for it. I epoxied a actuator lever to the 3way switch (run-off-stndby/auto) and have everything except can't program Aurduino with my Mac. Hopefully a nerd friend with laptop will do this soon and we can control it from the bedroom.

    Generators are great-as long as you have fuel!
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    We have natural gas to the house so we just ran a line from that to our generator, as long as the neighborhood has natural gas service our generator will run

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    I bought a diesel generator from a used portable light plant. It has a built in 100 gallon tank and will run full service for 50 hours. Last time it came on for a day and a half and only used 19 gallons. I had an electrician install an automatic transfer switch so it turns itself on and off. The most expensive part was the transfer switch. It runs everything except the stove. A/C, heat, well, washer dryer, TV, computers, lights, garage door openers and water heater. If it runs low on fuel I can have it filled by a home heating oil company or 5 gallon buckets. I think it's 27kw.

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