Oh boy do I need electricity.

Power went out hours ago in this storm. It wrecked me but I got down in to one of my powerchair batteries and connected an inverter, just enough electricity to run my internet router and wireless. Laptop is running on it's own battery. Refrigerator full of money, I mean food, going bad. Hopefully if I don't open fridge and the power comes on soon enough I won't lose it all. Argh.

At least my windows open and I can see the rain :-)

With the rain there's no reason to go out which is helpful because my power door opener won't work and I live on the fourth floor.

I need a handbike hooked up to a generator. Then a better body to run it.

Just whining I guess ;-)

Still, I am very eager to get back to electricity. Please return this modern convenience, I am not built for camping :-)