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    spinal cord surgery

    Is there any place/surgeon in the US, Veteran Administration or Army medical center or other institution performing any type of surgical procedure to remove bone fragments from the spinal cord itself as well as removing the other bone fragments in the spinal canal? (As those performed by Dr. Hui Zhu of Kunming?) the reason I ask is I have several bone fragments that were retro pulsed into thespinal cord at the T-11 level and fragments of bone in the spinal canal from T-10 thru T-12 no laminectomy was done they just put the rods in and called it a day they even tried to re attach the lamina that was broke off.

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    Most large VA medical centers have orthopedic spine surgeons or neurosurgeons who do spinal decompression and stabilization surgical procedures. This is also true of most large Army hospitals.

    Where do you currently get your SCI care? Your SCI clinic coordinator or provider should be able to line you up with an appropriate consultation to have you see one of these surgeons to determine if you would possibly benefit from such procedures.


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    Charlie Norwood VMC in Augusta, Georigia.

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    So you should discuss this with your SCI physician in the SCI outpatient clinic there, which I assume is your primary care clinic if you have a SCI.


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    I am cuurently seeing a neurosurgeon (Not a VA surgeon). Had a CT myelogram done 2 days ago, they found three bulging discs putting pressure on the spinal cord, a lesion at T-12 plus tethering at the conus and cord atrophy plus loss of volume at the T-11, T-10 level, I don't know what he plans to do or not do? as I won't see him for again until the end of January 2015. None of the findings of the myelogram sound encouraging.

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