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Thread: Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tire Pressure?

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    I leave my air compressor running when I flip valve to take off. That sort of reduces pressure loss. Compressor I have, when it gets around 110 psi I am not sure if it struggles or what, but the rate at which the pressure increases significantly slows. I did check for leaks. There are none of that.

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    I just bought Android "Bicycle Tire Pressure App" ($2.50), which says I should be running 115psi in my tires . . . I'll try it to see how I like it.
    I went back to 140psi; 115 is too sluggish for me.
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    Shop set mine at 140. I think that is great. Just now wish my pump went that high. New tires are like glue. And new tires really draw wonderful creative artwork all over hardwood floor.

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