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Thread: Pensions, Retirement and Attendant Care

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    Pensions, Retirement and Attendant Care

    I have worked full-time for a state agency for 11 years now. One question I have has to do with eligibility for attendant care services if/when I decide to retire. We have a defined benefit pension, but also have a 457(b) deferred comp program that allows us to contribute $ tax free. I have considered adding to my 457b, however when I retire will that $ hurt me in being eligible for attendant care services? Am I better off using the $ now?

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    In PA, one must qualify for medicaid to receive waivers that pay for attendant care. Anything other than the house you own and live in are counted as assets. Allowed up to $2,000 in savings. I need to move out of the house I own but can not sell. State gives me one year with all types of conditions to sell it or becomes an asset and I lose home care. The VA Aid and Attendance Pension is determined by income.
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