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Thread: How to Clean a Severly Contracted Hand?

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    How to Clean a Severly Contracted Hand?

    Any suggestions on how to clean a severely contracted hand would be appreciated. The problem is my mom's hand; she is post polio and in a nursing home; they staff say they use vinegar and water to clean the hand, and it is painful to my mom.

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    Have you tried soaking it in dish soap and water?

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    I would use soap and water, with rolled washclothes and Q-tips to get into the tight places. You need to make sure that it is dried well. If possibl,e put lotio on the areas that are easy to get to.

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    Can understand your concern. Just wanted to mention, as Post-Polio person myself, I have consulted Post-Polio International, and other online resources for Polio related information - might be helpful for you with other issues related to your mother's care. Having spent 5 months once in a nursing home I can testify that if it wasn't for me or my husband nagging (nicely) the staff, things would have been more troublesome. So important to speak up, and it helps to have routine chat with Head Nurse to reinforce any requests. The staffs are usually horibly overworked, but I found that discussions with superiors was very positive.

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    I would switch to something like liquid antibacterial Dial from vinegar and a good soak in warm water not hot and massage her joints gently then add the soap. Try and use running water for rinsing. I have a fixed contracture of my right hand too.
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