It has been A while since I have been on care cure and maybe even longer since I last put up a post or question.

I'm reaching out to CCC to ask if anyone lives in Florida? If you don't know me yet I am a C5 quadriplegic who sustained a spinal cord injury
15 years ago at the age of 19. I have been born and raised in Chicago and have lived here my whole life, but after 15 years of having an SCI
I am sick and tired of the six months of terrible and cold weather. I have been looking online at real estate properties and have found many great
Deals, especially when it comes down to property taxes.

Currently I live in Mount Prospect Illinois in a three-bedroom two bath ranch home on a quarter acre piece of land and we nearly pay $6000 a year in property tax.
I love the outdoors and it drives me crazy to be sitting inside for five months out of the year. I also love driving and racing my UTV's but unfortunately with the Chicago weather
There are only about five good riding months all year. There's also the fact that I would like to move on to a bigger property so that I can build my own riding and race track.
I know that in Florida I can buy a house similar to the same size I am living in now but with land between five and 30 acres and property taxes with still only be a third of what we are paying now living in the Northwest suburbs of Illinois.

I know that Florida can get pretty and really hot and muggy three months of the year, but I would rather sit inside with air conditioning and a T-shirt on, or inside a cool pool.
I'm currently 34 years old almost about to hit 35. I have a fianc? and we have been dating for over three years. She is totally in on relocating Down to Florida. We don't have any kids and we aren't in any serious debt so I think now would be the best time to make the move.

I have been to Florida three times and very much enjoy all different parts of it. When it comes to looking for properties I have been looking between Orlando and Tampa.
I also have A couple cousins and friends that live in Florida including my fianc? sister who lives right outside Orlando.

I'm writing to ask if there are any other quads out there who lived in the sunshine State? I would love to chat back and forth and get your opinion on living in the state of Florida.

I am not only moving out there to get away from the terrible weather and cold, but also want to start and open the biggest and best Adaptive Action Adventure, & Motorsports Park and Ranch!

I would love to hear anyone any opinions or advice?

Thank you for reading this and I hope to hear from some Floridians.

Leading the good times roll,
John Mryczko II