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Thread: Montego Bay, Jamaica Rui Palace Adult Resort

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    Thumbs up Montego Bay, Jamaica Rui Palace Adult Resort

    I stayed at the Rui Palace in Montego Bay in July 2014. I am a female t8 para. I went with my 18 year old daughter, her friend, my sisiter, my mother, and my nephew's girlfriend. We put 3 to a room. I stayed in the handicap room with a roll in shower. The only down side to this bathroom was the bath bench seat was a cheap one and I needed someone to hold the seat while I transfered or I would have ended up on the floor for sure. I the resort was beautiful. The food was above average for an all inclusive. I did bring my extra all terrain wheelchair that has mountain bike tires and big caster wheels in the front. There are 2 pools. The swim up bar pool has a ramp to get into the pool. My family would just wheel my chair right into the pool and the beach/ocean. This hotel is very accessible. The staff is very happy to assist in any way. Next door is the sister hotel (all ages) which is quite bigger and has more going on. This is where the water sports are for both hotels. People staying in the adult only can go next door to use anything (restaurants, water sports, night life, nightly shows, really anything) but they can not come to the adult only side. My daughter and the other 2 young ladies spent most of their time next door. The more mature ladies stayed on the adult only side and read books, swam, drank, and ate at a very enjoyable pase. Oh, ya if you can believe this one. I flew Southwest from Boston to Montego Bay. When we landed in Montego Bay, I was the first one taken off the plane and I was treated like a queen. When returning back to Boston, I of coarse was pulled aside to go through security. The women officer took me and my daughter into a private room for the pat down. She looked at my daughter and said well help her stand. We looked at her in a dumb founded way and I said I can't stand. She said No, I said No. She then looked at me and said are you good? I said yes I'm good and off we went with no pat down at all. I love Jamaica.

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    Great review. Pictures?


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    Yes, pictures! Normally "adult" in Jamaica means things like Hedonism 1, 2 and 3.
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    Sorry no pictures. It was nothing like Hedonism. It was more on the quite side of an all inclusive resort. If you are looking for the party you just go next door.

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    Montego Bay, Jamaica is awesome. We stayed at Secrets. Great accessibility and even better staff.

    Sangster airport is modern and the airport security and other staff are efficient and helpful. I was in the same private room! She gave me a friendly pat down search and we were on our way. My only complaint about Sangster airport was the baggage handlers... Despite my clear instructions and simple signage taped to my electric chair, they tried to lift it by the push handles and seat. Bent of course.

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