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Thread: Biggest, best waist pack?

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    Biggest, best waist pack?

    My hubby always wears a large, leather, heavy-duty waist pack and the one he currently has is only about 1-1/2 years old but the zipper seems to be only working intermittently. I would like to get him a new one for Christmas, so I thought I would check here for any ideas. The under the seat one (behind legs) wouldn't work well for him, so it's a waist (fanny) pack that I'm looking for - large or extra-large (jumbo) in size, heavy-duty, several compartments and waist size to 44". Thanks.

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    Tons of these at Amazon. Do a search for waist packs. Also, if you have an REI store nearby, you can check them them out in person, or use their website to select one. Stick with companies like Eagle Creek, Patagonia, North Face, or REI own brand for the best quality construction.


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    Jansport is a quality manufacturer (I own one), but their waist packs may be too small. Or, visit a cobbler; they can fix/replace the zipper in his leather pack.
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    If you really love your hubby - - - you would not let him wear a waist pack (ever).

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    Quote Originally Posted by hugheswf View Post
    If you really love your hubby - - - you would not let him wear a waist pack (ever).
    Yeah, I know they are not cool, but they are VERY practical. I use one all the time when I travel, or attend street fairs, etc. as it allows me to keep my hands free instead of lugging around a purse, and keeps my belongings secure (I usually wear it on my stomach or on one hip instead of over my butt).


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    If he's not carrying really important stuff like wallet, cell phone etc., the waist pack can be attached behind the seat. You should be able to find large packs at sporting good stores, otherwise Amazon is your best bet. If if it is a wallet or phone, I'd find a way to store it on the front down tube.

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    I got a new one recently in the camping area at walmart. they aren't leather, however they are well made, inexpensive, a variety of colors sizes and configurations.

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