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Thread: Carrying stuff while in chair

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    Thus your username ??
    You guessed it! I howl--usually in ecstasy, sometimes in terror--on big waves! Really missing this since paralyzed...but name has stuck.

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    Awesome, the name! I just saw a YouTube video from Life Rolls On (California I think) - with adaptive surfing. I used to body surf years ago (with help). Couldn't do it on my own but with a couple other humans I could have a lot of fun. I tend to be careful around water but as long as I'm equipped with a life jacket, CP does not stop me.

    I used to be firefighter carry lifted into boats to go with my family, but now my family (dad) hurt his shoulders and can't do that with me - so the last time we went boating with friends, the guys got the boat off, then we kinda "walked" me out on the dock somehow. Then I got down onto the boat dock in a crawl / lay / roll, and rolled myself into the boat. (The guys were kind, and nobody played any pranks to dump me into the water ) then everybody asked me how I was going to get out when we returned...I really wasn't sure, but the reverse worked just as well! I somehow pulled myself out of the boat in the rolling fashion (this time going upward!) - and rolled onto the dock almost exactly as I did the first time (except the departure was uphill, not downhill). Then if I recall they gave me some 5 gallon buckets to climb myself onto until I could get all the body parts rearranged to stand up. Either that, or I think I remember crawling along the dock until I got to the edge of land where they put the buckets because I didn't want to try walking on the dock...anyway, it was fun, and based mostly off my arms and real similar to a floor to chair / roll over transfer, I would think other people could pull it off. Even not able to stand and walk at all I would still think you could get an outdoor chair (knobby tires) down to the last part of land. Just be sure it doesn't float away in the tide!

    A life jacket is a really good idea though. I don't go near the water without one (I can't swim at all...I have negative buoyancy, actually, so I sink without one!!) And as far as the rolling and the crawling...I certainly like the dignity of my chair at all other times...but in the outdoors, for a boat dock, that sort of thing - I see rolling around / crawling as part of the adventure. If that's how I'm going to get in the boat and have a good time, I'm for it! (Of course, been doing similar stuff all my life, so I'm used to it).

    And, getting back to the topic of chair packs...I found another couple of measurements that may be useful.

    The front of the bag is approximately three inches forward of the securement point on the grab bar (when it's on the chair). I realized that the OFL (overall frame length, discussed in the CAD drawing threads) - of my chairs is different and that could add to why the pack seems to bump me on one chair but not the other (not that I care or even notice much).

    The OFL of the green chair is approximately 24.5 inches (tape measure starting at one at the seat post). The grab bar is approximately between the 12-11 inch marks on this chair. If I did math right, that's roughly a difference of 13 inches from the front of my footrest to where the bag is mounted.

    In contrast, the gray chair has approximately a 22.5 inch OFL (tape measure once again at inch one for the seat post, larger number at the footrest). The grab bar on this chair is approximately between the 14 and 13 inch mark. That's roughly a 9 inch mounting space. Keep in mind that the bag is about 3 inches thick (that varies with the stuff you have in it and how the stuff shifts) forward of the mounting points - and you still have to put your feet on the footrests, so that could be a reason why I don't feel the bag against me as much when rolling my green chair vs. rolling my gray chair (where it makes a good calf rest on my gray chair, and the green chair I need a strap before I lean against it, preferably.)

    As far as why the bag clears the ground (and footrest!) so much better in the green chair, I'm not sure. I have an angle adjustable footplate on the green chair, vs. ABS plastic on the gray chair, and the green chair is one inch higher. The bar also seems to be mounted higher on the green chair but I can't be sure. How I get, what, a 3 inch difference in ground clearance is unknown to me...but either way works. I'm happy. It was cheap and is known as "the bottomless pit." It carries a ton of what I need. So I'm not complaining. I really like it, actually!

    Note: I did find a small seam rip developing in the bag on the upper "table" flap. It's a hard place to sew because there's a seam there, and clear plastic on one side which you can't sew into, but I'm thinking I could add a tent patch to the area and sew the main area plus part of the flap that mounts the zipper (without actually sewing the zipper). Not sure when I am going to get around to that...but I will watch it and make sure I do before I lose something. Good news is, it would get caught by the clear pocket now, and only be lost if it worked its way sideways out the clear pocket.

    Good luck...and I enjoyed thinking of all the boating fun I have in the summers. Thanks!

    Take care,

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    Mystery, You have outdone yourself! VERY helpful to me, and I am sure to others looking for solutions to carry stuff. Some comments on pics:
    Pics 1&2--If you use the quick-release (FastClip) buckles I described in previous post here, there is likely to be less (enough?) clearance from bottom of bag to ground, and possibly noise from plastic moving against grab bar. You would have to plan where you want buckle to sit for easiest quick release. Perhaps a solution would be to run webbing sewn to velcro piece (thread velcro through slide for distribution of stress before sewing) over and around grab bar (minimizing slippage), and use a swivel snap hook ( to clip onto D-ring. You could sew the swivel snap hook onto the webbing, or to keep it adjustable, thread back into a slide ( This would also spread weight of bag and contents between four points, instead of two. Quick release would entail unhooking from D-ring and unwinding from around grab bar, then put two webbing pieces inside bag (zips as far as straps allow) while you connect carrying strap to D-rings.

    Pic 5--this rigid plastic liner serves to make the bag more durable as it sits in your mounting, nice! Also makes hunting for stuff easier if soft bag is not collapsing.
    Pics 8&9--Simple and practical security solution! I have a bunch of these carabiners from backpacking days, and this would be a good use for them.
    Pic 10--You can still use carbiner to attach that green thing to the D-ring with using D-ring as part of support/attachment for bag. Measuring tape VERY helpful! Good ground clearance.!
    Pic 12--My service dog approves of use of "map case"!!!

    Chair would naturally be harder to wheelie with bag loaded, especially with full water bottle. But with two packs on the back, that will compensate. Since we seem to need to carry a lot of stuff with us when out, these are good options. Extra weight is not for the faint of heart, but it has to be carried somehow if stuff is needed regularly, like B&B. Thanks again for so much info! This is going to work for me, so checking whether Amazon or WalMart has best price.

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    Wonderful! So glad it looks like it is going to work for you, and glad you can now enjoy internet pricing if it is cheaper than WalMart / other store. I would consider trying other online stores too...Amazon is a good deal in my opinion, but you may find something for cheaper. Be aware that it is often poorly listed on the web (many names) - so that complicates things.

    I have a service dog too (hence the bone!). I recently retired one and am training another one, so "the bone" is pretty important. We had some good natured fun with it the other night as I was taking pictures. I stuck it through the top loops (where the grab bar would go) and soon found a large furry head (of my older one) nuzzling it out and having great fun with the puzzle! Hee hee.

    And just to be sure, you have checked your OFL of your chair (at least back to grab bar) and the pack won't be too deep (interfering with your footrest)? I don't have a Tilite, nor the specs needed for that, but a measuring tape should make a good estimate. If nothing else, your idea (and awesome description) of how to "hack" the loops would provide a good solution to use the bag even if the loop measurements aren't quite right on original manufacture.

    Good luck! Hope you enjoy.


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    So many of these bags and packs are just great and likely suit most of any purposes we can imagine. I from time to time look at the woman's handbag section of the Box stores. Especially for some under the arm rest uses, sort of like small saddle bags. The attachments can be made using velcro wraps, most hand bags have some sort of "D" rings for the handles. I find it fun to imagine just how such items can be useful to myself and others. Especially search the clearance section.

    For big back bags knap sacks of all sorts may be handy. I have used fishing seat bags, and even have carried everything I needed for a weeks vacation in them even my meds, as underseat Plane bags. It tickles my imagination thinking about these things.

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    Bob Sullivan, great ideas! I have scouted also, and frequently use things for other than their intended purposes. You can make some funky style statements!

    I decided to go with the Active Dogs bag, and it is beautiful with custom embroidery, personalized name or saying and choice of specialty patches. I got the Service Dog patch, with German shepherd head, and the saying, "Better together..." Bag is insulated for carrying food. Water bottle holder is perfect for standard 20oz bottle and is placed between legs for ready access. Handy cellphone holder on front. And it is built like a tank, while not heavy. Zipper looks durable, and can be pulled from either side. Fabric will be durable and easy to clean (washable in front loader). Easy to take off for carrying with built-in handle; I added a shoulder strap that I already had. Everything is held securely and protected from dirt and weather. Here is a link:
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    Great find! The underseat bag I use is no longer available, and it's beginning to wear out. The bag you found looks great! Thanks for posting the link
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    I use a soft sided small fishing tackle box that I found at Dick's Sporting Goods. I removed the shoulder strap and used the hooks for the shoulder strap on the back to attach it to my chair. I use a high strength zip tie on each side. It is large enough to carry phone, keys, wallet, catheters, etc but small enough to not keep slamming me in the back of the legs or hang too far down. I have gotten creative since my journey in wheelchair life began!
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