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Thread: Vitaglide coming back

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    Vitaglide coming back

    Just got a letter from Vitaglide. They are going to start offering it for sale again. Great news for those that don't own one. It's one of the best pieces of equipment I use.

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    agreed. rep
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    Yep, I LOVE mine!

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    awsome news thanks pat
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    I got the same letter. It looks like they are going to try and take customer feedback and incorporate that into some design changes. Anyone that is looking for them to make some changes should go to and take the survey. I personally would like them to make it quieter and incorporate things like precision bearings to make the movement a little smoother. I can't wait to see how the new version turns out as mine is starting to wear out. I am hoping they can retrofit any changes into mine with just some new parts.

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