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Thread: Ride design custom cushion info

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    Ride design custom cushion info

    I have just purchased a ride custom cushion, presently have a wound on my left butt bone area and am wondering if I sit on the new cushion if it will cause pressure on that area even if it's not touching ? Does anyone have personal experience with this type of cushion and dealing with wounds ? Thanks

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    While this will protect the wound from pressure, you can still get stretch/shear damage, and sitting on it can increase edema (swelling) in the wound, which can impair healing. Unless you have settled for this being a chronic open wound forever, and not anticipating it to heal, it would be best not to sit, even on a custom made Ride cushion.


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    Thanks for the info, I am awaiting flap surgery and was wondering if I can spend any time up in my chair until the surgery ? Right now in bed full time on my back. With my leg elevated no pressure on wound.

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    When is your flap surgery? Our plastic surgeons will not do flap surgery until they have seen that the person can comply with total bedrest pre-operatively. Sitting can make the wound deeper, and more difficult to flap.


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