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Thread: "Illegal" hand salutes now legal for veterans

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    "Illegal" hand salutes now legal for veterans

    I had no idea that it was ever "illegal" for a veteran to salute during the playing of the National Anthem. Now, however, the law explicitly allows veterans and servicemembers out of uniform to extend the age-old tradition. Here's the article from


    WASHINGTON -- Veterans and active-duty military not in uniform can now render the military-style hand salute during the playing of the national anthem, thanks to changes in federal law that took effect this month.

    “The military salute is a unique gesture of respect that marks those who have served in our nation’s armed forces,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Dr. James B. Peake. “This provision allows the application of that honor in all events involving our nation’s flag.”

    The new provision improves upon a little known change in federal law last year that authorized veterans to render the military-style hand salute during the raising, lowering or passing of the flag, but it did not address salutes during the national anthem. Last year’s provision also applied to members of the armed forces while not in uniform.

    Traditionally, members of the nation’s veterans service organizations have rendered the hand-salute during the national anthem and at events involving the national flag while wearing their organization’s official head-gear.

    The most recent change, authorizing hand-salutes during the national anthem by veterans and out-of-uniform military personnel, was sponsored by Sen. Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, an Army veteran. It was included in the Defense Authorization Act of 2009, which President Bush signed on Oct. 14.

    The earlier provision authorizing hand-salutes for veterans and out-of-uniform military personnel during the raising, lowering or passing of the flag, was contained in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2008, which took effect Jan. 28, 2008.

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    I remember a custom of saluting "enlisted" recipients of the Medal of Honor
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    Any MOH get the "attention battalion, regiment, etc" for the Army and "attention on deck" for the Navy and Marine Corps. No idea what the Air Force uses. And yes, doesn't matter what rank they are.
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