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Thread: 180? reclining Power wheelchair-help needed

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    180? reclining Power wheelchair-help needed

    Okay I have searched the Internet and I found two chairs that do 180? reclining. The one I don't like it all the redman power chair and a chair called falcon i believe which I haven't seen in person but the other one looks like it would be perfect for me but the manufacturer had no interest in even letting me do a demo. I had my vendor call up the manufacturer and they basically told him we're not interested in trying to sell one to you! Can you believe that! I am not buying A wheelchair especially as expensive as they are sight unseen or tried. I hate the way these vendors and manufacturers expect you to buy something without even trying. Like everyone's got 20,000 lying around somewhere to drop on something they may find does not work for them.
    So the wheelchair that I'm looking to get is made by Falcon
    I was really wanting just to buy the reclining seating frame and stick it on my X5 Frontier. I know it will have to be a custom job which my father can do but it's hard to tell if it really will work or not on my chair without major difficulty. There is an option to get the seating frame for an Invacare TDX5 which I do have but I hate. That may have to be the route I go because of the position I'm in.

    I need this reclining system because I've been bedridden for the past year due to extreme excruciating pain in my back. Unfortunately I take a lot of pain medication just to make it... Well I can't call it tolerable because even with the meds it's excruciating i guess just able to deal with it. I have bulging discs, dislocations and schmorl's nodes as well as a few other things. I've been to several doctors which just seem that they don't want to help. One doctor was even saying "oh that's not causing any pain" even when I asked about dislocations he said no that's not causing any pain. Well I would like to see someone dislocate their arm or something and see how they feel.
    Anyway in order to get the doctors appointments I have at times it will be much easier if I could recline back in the van so my spine is not absorbing all the shock.

    I am very desperate and need to get this done I would like to know if anyone's heard of this chair or tried it. Or is even selling one used?
    Thank you so much in advance for any advice or help.

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    IMO. if they are unresponsive towards a demo; I would suspect they would be the same with any repairs or warranty work after they've been paid. Why support a manufacturer who doesn't care if you buy one or not?

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