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Thread: Update on Experiments to Restore Function after Chronic SCI: Dr. Jerry Silver

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim View Post
    Why is a video of Harkema's patients included in this story?
    They clicked on the wrong video link? This one is what the National Institute of Health (NIH) put out about this project. One would have thought they could have linked the correct video to the right project. Maybe hire proof readers? oh well...

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    Improvement in BBB Score is from 10 to 12?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim View Post
    Improvement in BBB Score is from 10 to 12?
    Thirty per cent of ISP-treated animals (versus zero vehicle/ILP-treated animals) demonstrated, at least, frequent coordinated stepping
    (BBB >13), with three rats achieving BBB scores >17.5 ISP treated animals made 58% less foot faults on the grid walk test suggesting recovery of sensorimotor coordination and balance.

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    Grammy, what is the potential road map for human experimentation? Are we looking at further animal testing and replication of results? Are there any commercial entities interested in Jerry Silver's work at present? What, if anything, can be done by the community to expedite the translation of this research?

    Many thanks

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    If the average BBB is 12/13 and 3 reached 17.5, 70% recovered very little. They need to figure out what happened with those 3.

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    According to the presentation, Dr. Silver has put a team together to work a collaboration for combining the ISP drug for recovery with Liz Bradbury (chondroitinase lenti virus) and Gregoire Courtine which will be doing training with the stimulation and the robotic system in rat models. Silver said the peptide has been sent over to them, but I don't know how the experiments are coming along yet or how far into it they are. Essentially the combo treatment would consist of ISP (daily peptide injection), Ch'ase, Stimulation/Rehab component.

    Commercial entities of course are interested and watching closely for the results of the experiments. I would think there would be huge interest and a chance to take this to the clinic if this team comes up with good results and it can then move to a large animal model and also be replicated. These of course are necessary steps along with funding being in place when it's needed.

    (ISRT) Spinal Research in the UK and End Paralysis Now of the Netherlands are working on support for Chondroitinase (at large animal testing stage) and U2FP along with others have helped support the ISP drug. Courtine/Edgerton/Harkema continue to work the stimulation/rehab forward with various groups also.

    An exact potential roadmap? I don't know of one, but hopefully with favorable winds it's all "forward" for each of the individual pieces that are being funded and supported by lots of different groups and individuals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim View Post
    If the average BBB is 12/13 and 3 reached 17.5, 70% recovered very little. They need to figure out what happened with those 3.
    If you watch the diagram of responders it's different on what the animals get back. Some get one function back, some get two and a few lucky ones get all three that they're measuring. Did you see the experiment that Amanda has been involved in with the chronic 6 month models where 3 out of 4 were showing drastic improvements? They're trying to figure it all out and working hard to find the answers.

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    Hi everyone, this is great news, do we know why we have to wait 10 years before we get the famous peptide available for us ?..

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    Would there be any way to access this drug on the black market?

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