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Thread: Update on Experiments to Restore Function after Chronic SCI: Dr. Jerry Silver

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    Quote Originally Posted by wesmaister View Post
    Honestly, this and bladder is number one for me. Ruins my life..
    And bowel!!! I hear you man.

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    This is nothing new really MMP's matrixins have been around for years they started a test several years ago on rats at UCSF which had good results so they decided to treat dogs with SCI next to make sure it would be safe to go to human trials the dog trials started in 2009 and are taking place in TX to my knowledge they were planning on treating 120 animals such as dachsunds and other breeds that are prone to SCI. the following website gives a rundown on how MMP's work. http://cardiovascres.oxfordjournals....ntent/69/3/562

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    Quote Originally Posted by George78 View Post
    President Obama is organizing a special mission in Yemen to save life of one american citizen from Al Qaida..
    It is thousands of american citizen, paras and quads, that will be left dying in their own sh** if we have to wait for 10 years to have that peptide available for us..
    We need to bond and have a political strategy. Until then it just feels like those of us who are cure oriented are on the team this or team that. Ive said it multiple times- there way too many foundations all going after money for research. Seems to be unique for spinal cord injury ? you don't seem to see everyone with Parkinson's starting up a foundation. We also need a leader and figurehead, imho until then things will be like they are.

    We need Christopher Reeve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by khmorgan View Post
    Are you are advocating that people go out and buy drugs on the "black market" (i.e. unregulated) and try them just because the FDA is too cautious? Do you really believe what you are writing?
    not advocating for anything, regulation good, overregulation=stagnation

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