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Thread: Bearing spacing questions

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    Bearing spacing questions

    I'm currently using Golz Twin-Star Exchanges (540) on my ZR2. I haven't been that happy with how these wheels have held up and I am looking to replace them. I'm leaning towards Topolino's WX2.5s.

    Since the Twin-Star has a 1.969" bearing spacing, will I be able to use the same axles with Topolino's 1.9" spacing? Is the 1.9" spacing even an option for a ZR2 with 2deg camber + no spacers?

    Does the bearing spacing have any impact on performance, or is it just a matter of how closely you can mount the wheel to the frame?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Measure how much freeplay you have left to for adjustment in your axles. Can you turn the big nut down to reduce the effective length 0.069"? I don't know what 2 deg camper would have to do with it, but sometimes I miss understand on first reading. What specifically is going south with these wheels?
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