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Thread: SCI Bowel Program - Is Resistant Starch Beneficial?

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    SCI Bowel Program - Is Resistant Starch Beneficial?

    I didn't see anything on this posted anywhere so wanted to share what may be a helpful diet change for those of you with digestive and bowel program problems. Post 40 years c5/6 quad here. Have dealt with progressively worse digestive issues including severe IBS, dumping syndrome and constipation. I have developed many food allergies also. I believe it is from the many drugs taken particularly antibiotics. My gut biome has been a mess, always believed that since my 20's but could not figure out how to resolve.

    Always a constant battle with bowel program but about once a year would develop serious digestive issues causing severe constipation requiring hospitalization or intervention. Although no official diagnosis I believe methane SIBO has been the problem. Have all the symptoms for it. I have used many natural treatments with varying degrees of benefit but ultimately my digestive symptoms would morph for the worse.My worst episode happened this year, reached a point where could not eat and barely drink. I lost 30 lbs on a body that didn't need it. Really thought I would die.

    Searched for many natural treatments and stumbled across something that may benefit many of us sci. It is called resistant starch and by adding enough to your diet it could benefit your digestive system. If you do a search you can read about it. It is cheap to implement and for a guy who didn't have a bowel movement without colon hydrotherapy for 8 weeks this summer it has changed my life. By adding about 40 mg of resistant starch to my diet, the stool began moving through my colon much better and my bowel program takes less than 5 minutes 90% of the time. I empty much better. I have been including resistant starch(unmodified potato starch, green bananas, cooked and cooled beans rice and potatoes) in my diet for 2 months and have improved gradually with my IBS. There have been ups and downs and 2 months is not long but I will post updates.

    Resistant starch is fascinating in that it feeds the good bacteria in your colon which I think many who have taken antibiotics are lacking. Their are anecdotal reports of helping many people with gut dybosis, several people with diabetes and other conditions.

    I take resistant starch, psyllium, a soil based probiotic and raw sauerkraut every day. The psyllium constipated me previously but no longer does if taken with resistant starch. Do your own due diligence as I am only providing pieces of info here. I have reduced food allergies and a noticeable reduction in nerve pain also that is too early to say is due to the changes I have made.

    Good place to start.

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    I have not had any experience using this as a management method for neurogenic bowel in SCI, but it appears to work as a soluble fiber:


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    If I were in your situation I would certainly consider getting a fecal transplant. The procedure is becoming increaingly aailable.
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