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Thread: If insurance would pay for anything....

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    If insurance would pay for anything....

    What exercise equipment would you recommend for a C-5 complete quad (27 years) to use at home?

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    ..but I would think the money better spent on a gym pass to a good facility with many accessible amenities. I'm c7 and swear by swimming. Stretches my back (and everything else) after sitting every waking minute. I weight train, use the running track to push my rugby chair (highly recommend if you have a local team), swim, sit in the hot tub and steam room (soooo nice for the skin). I re-gained a lot of confidence using a facility that's fully accessible. I attribute my independence to it. For $500 a year it is the best investment I've made in my lifetime.

    Also just got hooked on a rope-climbing machine, double-handing with the right gloves it should be doable for those lacking grip and triceps. So incredible for the lats. Pulling exercises are definitely the best for any wheelers pushpushpush muscles.

    Not to mention the social aspect. Working out alone at home is fucking boring as hell.

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    I got a handcycle goes on table tells me how long how many crank plus calories I burned 99.00 or close sportaid

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    I would be asking for an FES bike...


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