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    Spinal cord regenerated BY TIM SANDLE 8 HOURS AGO IN SCIENCE

    Washington - Scientists based at the University of California, San Diego, have demonstrated that neural progenitor cells grafted into injured rat spinal cords can grow long axons and connect to host neurons.

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    The study is important because neural regeneration is seen as a possible treatment for spinal cord injury. A spinal cord injury is an injury to the spinal cord resulting in a change, either temporary or permanent, in the cord's normal motor, sensory, or autonomic function. Worldwide, approximately 250,000 new spinal cord injuries occur each year, and they often cause paralysis below the level of the injury. This increases the risk of medical conditions like urinary tract infections, respiratory complications, and clinical depression, which affects about one-fourth of those injured.
    The problem hampering research is that this process is largely unobtainable. This is because most studies have shown that unless new cells are graftedwithin a few weeks of injury, no new neurons are able to grow. This is because astrocytes and other neural support cells form a scar that physically blocks neuronal growth.
    However, a possible way around this problem has been reported. Scientists have shown that neurons can and do grow in injured rat spinal cords months after injury.
    For the study, The Scientist reports, scientists grafted neural progenitor cells from fetal rats into lesions in the adult rat spinal cords either two weeks or six months after injury. In both groups, the results looked were almost identical: the lesions filled up with new neurons, and those neurons projected axons to the brain stem and to distant regions of the spinal cord. Furthermore, the scientists found that the astrocyte-generated scar tissue around the lesion site had disappeared after neural regrowth.
    The research has been presented at a recent meeting of the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) in Washington, DC.

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    The abstract was posted HERE awhile back for anyone interested in reading it.

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    I wonder when this might be tested for Human Trails meaning the time frame

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    It does not say whether the Rats gained any function or not?
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