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Thread: Pain - giving up the search

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    you tried the ketamine pain relef coma right?. didn't work i guess. when one realizes how amazing anesthesia is, with the amnesia it produces, otherwise we all would be having ptsd type brain injuries from the surgery.
    I would like to try the ketamine coma, disconnect those pain paths,
    mmmm I was turned down for the coma. Per the Researcher, in all trials there was no efficacy for Central Pain, my doc asked for a compassionate exemption but it was turned down. I was prescribed ketamine with no efficacy, dosed til I went into the K hole with nothing.

    sounds good, seems best for phantom limb, mastectomy.

    I'm not current it was a while ago


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    i have neuropathic pain from cauda equine syndrome, plus a diagnose of crps/rsd
    central pain is different,even though i thought it was the same but information that des posted explained the CP

    i need a endocrinology dept that takes WC and is is familiar with long term pain management effects and a Doctor to consult about a Mace procedure,preferably one that performs a lot of mace on soon to be 60years olod adult.
    mount Sinai is failing me.
    but i barely have enough good days to research this,

    plus my WC carrier causing me problems, calling my psychiatrist office and telling them to arrange for a drug test for me.
    I find that disturbing and i believe it has affected the doctor patient relationship.
    cauda equina

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