I'm posting this because I once read that someone who works for Ti-Lite post here. While I will probably send an email to the company, maybe he or she could pass word along to their higher-ups? Also, I thought it would be good for other potential buyers to know this is something they very well may encounter. Just to clarify, I'm not writing this out of anger, but I do think this is a practice that should be corrected immediately.

I recently purchased a new Ti-Lite Aero Z. When the chair was delivered, I met with the physical therapist and DME to fine-tune everything, and we ran into a pretty big problem that could have very well made the chair unusable for me (and others who will inevitably run into the same issue).

Among other adjustments, my rear wheels needed to be moved forward, which is pretty standard. Of course, when you move the rear wheels, you also have to move the breaks, and the side guards. The problem stems from the latter.

When the DME removed the "clasp" (I apologize if that is not the correct term) that holds the side guards in place, we discovered a tiny hole drilled into the frame. It turns out Ti-Lite has started using a different clasp; in addition to being adjusted with an allen wrench, it also contains a bolt that goes inside the frame to help hold it in place.

I understand the intention -- you don't want the side guard becoming loose and turning on the frame, rubbing against the wheel. The problem with this system, however, is it severely limits the adjustability of the chair. You can only place the side guards where the hole has been drilled, I.E., you cannot move them. If you can't move the side guards, you can't move the wheels; and that is hugely problematic.

We were able to work around this by using the on-site fabrication shop to cut off the additional bolt and fasten the side guards by using only the standard bolts, and luckily the hole in the frame was covered by the hardware of the wheel once it was moved forward. The only other option would have been to drill a second hole, which would have voided the warranty and taken additional time, effort, and frustration.

TL;DR: Ti-Lite, please revert to using the "regular" side guard clasps. Using a bolt that is inserted into the frame via a drilled hole severely limits the ways in which you can adjust your chair to make it fit you as best as possible. Unless that was your intention, which I sincerely doubt; but, if so, I'll refrain from speaking my mind because there could be children around.

Sidenote: To everyone else reading this, I know you enjoy seeing pictures of people's new chairs, and I fully intend on updating the thread I made a while back when I have a little more time to do it properly. In the meantime, I thank all of you very much for your help. You were all lifesavers, both figuratively quasi-literally.